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WP Easy Sharing Affiliation Requirements Checklist

WP Easy Sharing Affiliation Requirements Checklist
  • You should have premium copy of this plugin.
  • You should have a direct logo URL with 128×128 or 256×256 dimensions.
  • You should have a direct icon URL with 32×32 & 48×48 dimensions.
  • You should have the registration form in working condition either with social platforms or input fields.
  • If ever you will disable registration form so we will exclude your logo from our plugin.
  • There will be an extra fee to include your logo in the plugin and $1 per month to ensure maintenance the things on your website regarding plugin functionality.
  • All transactions will be processed through ibulb.work except premium plugin initial purchase.

Note: Affiliation feature is not yet enabled, please reach us through email if you have any query.